We are lawyers who support independence for Scotland. We include academics, advocates, solicitor-advocates, solicitors, and others engaged in the practice of law. We believe that independence will lay down the foundations for a fairer, equal and more democratic society in which the fundamental rights of all citizens are enshrined in a written constitution and protected by a constitutional court as befits a modern democracy.

Following upon a Yes vote in favour of independence at the next referendum, Scotland will have an enviable opportunity to draft a constitution which articulates the shared aspirations and values of the people who live in Scotland and protects fundamental rights, the separation of powers and the rule of law.

Scotland has its own legal system and its own courts and is thus well placed to adapt to independence.

Furthermore, it is our belief that an independent Scotland would preserve the right of access to justice of all people who live in this country.

Whilst we have a range of different views on policy matters, we are united in believing that it is in the interests of Scotland and its people that a Yes vote be achieved at the next referencum and that there is then speedy and amicable progress towards independence.