Lawyers who support independence for Scotland.

Lawyers for Yes was first formed in advance of the 2014 Referendum on Scottish Independence.

Any lawyer who is registered to vote in Scotland and who shares the aims set out in the declaration is very welcome to sign up by contacting us and indicating their willingness to be listed as a signatory. By ‘lawyer’, we mean advocates, solicitors and trainee solicitors,  academic lawyers, registered paralegals, foreign or European lawyers; and also any of these now retired but in good standing. Of course, we do know that some lawyers in public service cannot do so; and many firms have a policy of neutrality on this issue so that their solicitors may not join groups such as ours or our opponents. Judicial independence of the political process is dear to us, and we feel a public statement of support for either Yes or No would, as an expression of political views, be incompatible with judicial office, so we wouldn’t accept as signatories judicial office holders such as tribunal chairs whether full-time or part-time if any were to approach us. 

Lawyers for yes is run by its Steering Committee.

To see our archive site from the 2014 referendum, go to this link: archive